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  • Diary updated again

    This last weekend we spent even more time away from the sun recording the vocal parts for the final tracks on the forthcoming album… Check out the Studio Diary

  • Photo session 2

    Today we took some pictures for the forthcoming album cover. Check out the studio diary for more information and more pictures…

  • Happy birthday!

    On June 7 1958 a little baby boy was born. Years later he wrote and recorded and produced some of the greatest music known by man… Happy birthday Prince, a.k.a. The Symbol.

  • Grattis Sverige!

    Nationaldagen måste ju firas någonstans så varför inte på DISKODIKTATOR.COM?

  • Audio post production

    Today we delivered the first songs to be mastered by Christer Hermodsson… Check out the Studio Diary for a special report! Studio Diary

  • Studio diary online

    Check it out – it is available through the Quickmenu on the right (if you are using the correct screen size) or via INFORMATION – STORYS… Now go read the first entry. There are some lovely pictures as well…

  • Finished tracks so far…

    A WayAnother Mans MealBirth Of A NationInferior InteriorJust Say No To DemocrazyLush LifeNothing From Nothing Leaves NothingOpportunityRandom MarkTears On The PavementThe Sound Of Your HeartThe World According ToYou Know What To Say

  • Studio diary

    We will eventually put up some sort of a studio diary and some sort of countdown – currently we are working hard on preparing the tracks to be included on the second DISKODIKTATOR album. Work includes rerecording some of the vocals, remixing some tracks and backing everything up in case of a crash… Before June…

  • Finally!

    On August 28 2004 Swedish Energy Rekords will release our new album!