What the critics say…

Without permission, here is a sample of what our friends at Zero Music Magazine wrote about us in the latest issue (#3/2002):

”We Are…’ contains a bunch of familiar tracks for anyone who has ever visited their homepage and downloaded any of the songs the band so generously supplies. But, since the songs have all been brushed up for the album it is still worth buying. So, what does it sound like? Friends of happy-go-lucky synth pop and weird noises won’t be disappointed. Evergreens like ”The Key”, ”Life Is Easy” and ”Space” makes me delighted, but ”Organ Business” is my favorite. Grinding with a malicious weight but with a feel of both hip hop and bossanova. It is Diskodiktators way of mixing genres and sounds that is its signum, and this is also what makes Diskodiktator so enjoyable to listen to. In other words, we’re looking forward for the follow-up!”

And the numbers? A whooping 4 out of 5 possible!